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Re: Free Windows application for Tellstick NET

Postby ReneOrtmann » Sun May 01, 2016 9:30 am

Hi there.

Now it would be work again. I have to find a better way in the future.
But here is the link:

I am working on a new project that will release soon and you will get that as an update, its better, much faster, more options and nicer than this version and better to use. Be patient and look at this threat in the future to get more infos, or to make it more ease for you, search for updates in the main software 1 to 2 times at week and you will see directly when its out. Please send some feedbacks of what you Think or if you got some ideas or hit on problems that will maybe help med in the future.

Thank you :-)
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Re: Free Windows application for Tellstick NET

Postby Olsen1975 » Sun May 01, 2016 6:29 pm

Thank you.
I have just downloaded it and now getting things to work.
Looks great!
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Re: Free Windows application for Tellstick NET

Postby ReneOrtmann » Sat Oct 22, 2016 8:17 pm

HomeStick can now be downloaded again by using this link:!AgNmNGcNE8d5nfByt-AukRsUWBR3Rg.

News and fixes:
* Login to the Telldus LIVE! server is changed. Now it is possible to login via your e-mail and password instead and get you token-keys automaticly.
* There is a "Welcome"-page. Its more easy for new users to easy get start with this Software. Its just on the first start this page will open.
* The update process is included in the main software, which means the update.exe is not needed anymore.
* The color for the group panels (inc text) can now be changed in the groupmenu.
* You can change if you want to use a temp-folder in the settings, and use a own *.bat file for copying files for the automatic export.
* The Weather has a own page for it selfs.
* After you start this Version, your current Look is setup to the standard Windows Style. Go to "Help -> Addons" and download the Stylepack, and you will get 36 new Styles you can use.
* The main Panel with the Buttons for each Page is gone, instead you got a smoth menu. You can even see the shotcuts for that you can use.
* The countdown to the next update is moved from the Window-title to the main Panel's right side.
* I changed my debuggerlanguage from german to english so all unexpected errors will now show in the english language instead och german.

* Fixed som connecting issues with the FTP-server.
* "Socket error # 10054" should be solved now.
* Fixes for the update-page
- Now you can see the changelog and updatename on the update-page when a update is available. A changelog can even be readed after you downloaded a newer version.
* There are a lot of fixes in the menus and pages.
* More connection-error messages are fixed.
* I changed a few things in the startup process and its may be a bit faster to startup.
* The favoritegroup on the left side is fixed again and its the whole way down where the window ends.
* Straight values that ending with ".0" saved as an calculated value in the database file before, now this is solved and wont happend anymore.
- Wrong values that have been written to the database still shown up, but it won't be written wrong values anymore.
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Re: Free Windows application for Tellstick NET

Postby ReneOrtmann » Fri Nov 18, 2016 10:24 pm

Version 2.4 is now ready to be downloaded and update to.

*** If you want a weather radar for your country, and maybe know any sources i can read files from, let me know and i will include those ***

[ RELEASE Version ]
* "On/Off-switch with indicator". You can choose your own pictures.
* There is a new animated weathermap for norway included (
* Change the name of your sensors and devices.
* Learn your devices.
* You can now choose how you want open different windows in TelldusHome (Tools->Options->Window management), and on which side you want to show the Help window.
* Sunrise and sunset is now on the home screen.
* The data for wind direction has a better look on the weather page "right now" with an arrow and speed in a bigger font.
* You can now change to your own symbols even for dimmers and blinds.
* You can now see device history.
* Now you see the loading process of the Software on the SplashScreen. When something not can be loaded correctly, you will see where the process stopps.
* You can change the device picture for each switch.
- In the help for that page, you can see what pixelsize you should need.
* In the settings for sensor and devices, you will see that most of the sensor settings not show up anymore when you open the setting page trough a device.
* You can now see and handle your blinds and bell devices in HomeStick.
* I changed the software update server. That means it should be much faster to update and more stable to keep connected when a "automatic update" is activated.

* Background handles for the weather settings and handle of weather addon.
* If you delete a device, you will now see that the process was finished, and the device will be invisible at the next sensor update.
* I mad some background changes for the update of addon files. At startup of this version, you will see that a addon is updating. That means that the main application has a more smaler size then before (more weather symbols are moved to the weather addon).
- If you, for some reason hit on errors while updating of the addon:
- Restart the application, the corrupted file will be deleted ans start downloading again or...
- go to "Help -> Addons" and uninstall the weather addon, and download it again.
* The height for dimmer symbols are changed, and now its possible to use up to 70 pixel height for your own pictures.
* The setting page for notifications are now showing only the used values for sensors. That means you cant setup a humidity notification for only temperature sensors anymore.
* Rain is changed to "Precipitation". Its more accurate meteorological.
* Precipitation is now ending the values with + " mm", and the wind speed with + " m/s" which looks nicer.
* More importend settings on the welcome page at the first start up for new users are included.
* A better view on the setting page for device images.
- The button to select the picture is gone, now you can press the image on the page to change the picture.
* There are now limits for device pictures. If you choosed bigger bitmaps as the limit, you will get a message.
- You can read more about limits by open the help window on that page.

* Fixed som translation for languages.
* Fixes for the weather package. When you inactivate the weather service, then everything should activate completely and stop logging, and when you activate it, everything should update automaticly and start logging as it should.
* A fix for device history. Its loading much faster now.
* The text in the message for dimmericons are fixed. Now it shows the right information for pixel limit.
* The blinds and bells can't be marked as a indicator anymore. There is no reason to do that anyway.
* The sun rise- and set is now showing the right information at start.
* The panel for your favorite devices and sensors are fixed again.
* Devices can be moved to another groups again.
* Dimmer icons on the settingspage shows now on the right position.
* The complete device history is now included for bell and blinds with the correct commands.
- The table are loading very slowly. I will fix that later.
* The page for the automatic export for sensor setting is now showing in your selected language.
* The image after changing the picture for bells are now resizing correctly.
* Missing data on the weather page for "Hour by hour".
* Fix for dimmer icons where the wrong value was reading and never updated.
* There are a fex fixes with error messages about "timeout" and "REST-server"
* The format setting for special characters like "å, ä, ö, æ, ø" etc. should now work for your sensor and device names.

You can download the software from the link in my signature.

Best regards
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Re: Free Windows application for Tellstick NET

Postby tronde » Sat Nov 19, 2016 12:17 am

I can add that "On/Off-switch with indicator" is a switch with one defined area for "on" and one for "off". Makes it possible to send several repeated "on" or "off" to a receiver.

I know René will listen to suggestions, so try the program and send him a message if you miss something. I have used HomeStick since the early beginning, and I like it.
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Re: Free Windows application for Tellstick NET

Postby ReneOrtmann » Sun Dec 11, 2016 3:53 pm

You can now download HomeStick version 2.5. For those who running the software, go to "Help->Software update".
News, changes and fixes are:

* You can now see all schedulers for your devices. You can delete and change these. Open the menu for the device by clicking on the devicename and go to "Schedule". On the bottom of that page, you should see "Show all schedules". Note that, only the schedules for the selected device will shown up. Here you see that you can "Edit" and "Delete" the schedules.
* Now it is possible to add own scenarios. You will se an empty menu entry with name "Scenario". Follow the steps bellow:
- Go to "Tools -> Options" and you see a the new menu point "Scenario", click on it.
- Now, you have to "Create a new".
- Choose a name and press "Save".
- Now you have to add devices and states to this scenario...
- Click on the device name "-> Settings", and you see the menu point "Scenario" on the left side. And here can you add all supported methods for the selected device.
- For dimmer, you can press on "Dim" and you can directly write the procent value.
* You can set your own dimmer values for 3 states. The first symbol is still off and the last is on and those can´t be modified.
- Go "Tools->Options->Dimmer and indicator". "Dimmer value" is what you use to set the value you will use for the symbols.
* You can now choose if you want to show the sensors or devices first in your groups.
- Go "Tools->Options->Synchronization" and you will see the new CheckBox "Devices first". By changing that, it will update automaticly to set the position of the panels where your devices and sensors are placed in to.
* Add a schedule for devices.
- Click on the Devicename "Settings->Add schedule"
- On that page, the schedule is for the selected device.

* You can now see on the countdown label when the data is synchronizes.
* The temperature and humidity value has now right alignment for the export of the text in *.bmp.
* Now there is a importent messagecenter that indicate more exactly whats wrong if there is an problem with the synchronization of all data from Telldus LIVE! and It will detect problems for:
- Your internetconnection.
- Problems with the sensor synchronization from Telldus LIVE!.
- Problems with the device synchronization from Telldus LIVE!.
- Problems with the weather synchronization (if its activated).
- Problems with login to Telldus LIVE!.
- Problems to send a notification.
*** Its easy to try it again by clicking on the message ***

* The page for sensor/device settings is now updating directly when you chose another sensor or device, without closing the setting window.
* Issue for the style addon is fixed. When you have downloaded the style addon, an messagebox will open and tell you to restard the software. Press "Yes" to do that. This is needed for the registration of the style themes.
* Server fixes. The timer will now start at your selected update interval even if the connect to server has failed.
* There are a few fixes for the statistics, where the message: "is not a floating point value" came up. The fix will do that even corrupt days, where data is missing will show up and even painting the instruments on the buttom of that page. Maybe there will be other issues to show the correct data for these days, but that can happend when data is missing.
- The fix is for both weather and your sensors.
* You will now get an message if the sensor/device name can´t be changed, if there are illigale characters.
- There are some encoding issues which make it difficult to encode characters like "( ) ' ! : ; # & / = ? * " etc.
* Fixes for the log file of errors. Now the errors will be send a report number (#01 - #08), which is importend for me to know where the error will arise.
* Fixes for ghost- and hidden sensors.
- New, unnamed and ghost sensors are now showing "No name..." when the setting to show these sensors is activated.
* Fixes for reading of sensor data, device status and weather service.
* The log file is writing errors with a more specifict text now, so you can see what the error was exactly.
- Note that only errors from the bakground activity (from Telldus and will show up in the log file and error messages from Windows will not show up in the log file at all.
* Format settings on the statistic page for the german language
* Fix for the crash when the weatherdata can´t be loaded.
* Fix for the picture size for your own symbols for the device. The maximum size for the "On/Off switch with indicator" is now 20 x 110 (HxW).
* Format fixes for labels, where the text was not in the right position for the german language.
* The device history is now showing the correct field index. Before there was i bug that showed one extra field without values.
* Fixes for missing sensor values.
* Fixes for the main window size and position at startup. Now the main window should opening in the same size and position as the last time before you closed the application.
* Fix for the statistics graphic, where the saved colors not loaded when the style addon wasn´t installed.
- Even the standard color is changed to a white background and black line.
* Fix with the countdown timer.
* Fix for the software update.
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Re: Free Windows application for Tellstick NET

Postby ReneOrtmann » Wed Jan 11, 2017 5:48 pm

You can now download the latest release version of HomeStick. If you already are using the software, please make a software update check.

Thats new:

[ RELEASE Version ]
* A new statistic page:
- You can see the statistics of sunrise and sunset. (There is a big jump between the hours for the 31 october. This is where the winter time began. Its nothing to do about this, the values are correct.)
- You can now export to *.csv file. When you export to *.csv from the statistic page, then will all available data in the selected period export in that order you see below.
- The order of values:
- For weatherdata: "Date","Time","SunSet","SunRise","Weather","Symbol","Rain","Wind","WindDeg","WindSpeed","WindMPS","Temperature","Airpressure".
- For the sensors: "Date","Time","SensorType","Value1","Value1 (calculated)","Value1 (calculated name)","Value2","Value2 (calculated)","Value2 (calculated name)","Value3","Value3 (calculated)","Value3 (calculated name)","Value4","Value4 (calculated)","Value4 (calculated name)".
* You can now show/hide the ScrollBars for the groups (Shortcut: "Alt+S" as standard. Go to Tools->Options->Shortcuts to configurate your own shortcuts).
- Note: When you have scrolled to the end of the panel, then it will scroll back to start at sensor update.
* You can now minimize the group panel for your sensors and devices by clicking on the arrows on the left side.
* Now its possible to show your calculated values in the graphic on the statistic page.
- The "fx" button will show for all your supported sensor values and they will dissapear when you select the weather data.
- When you select the "fx" button, then the sensor value right into it will even show in bold format, to make it more sure what for values is showing in the graphic.
* You have a new setting entry. "Tools->Options->Look and feel->Appearance". You will see that the page changed a bit, to get more space with new stuff, there will be more. Now you can change the text space, for the bottom labels of the graphic for date and time stamps. You can even read more about that by pressing on the question mark on the top of the setting page.
* You can now delete your top favorite on the main window by clicking on the sensor name.

* When you want to add a device to an scenario, now there are round buttons (Radio Button) to indicate what for state you have selected. This is more clearly how to do then it was before.
* There are now messages added that settings have been changed or restored to show that the process is finished. That is for all kind of settings.
* The label for your device/sensor name is now showing a handpoint as cursor.
* The battery icon for sensors is moved to the left side a bit to see the whole icon.
* All icons are changed to make the transparency better on all style themes.
* The old Statistic page is removed, and the the new Statistic page is complete with all visible components.
* Now, there is a vertical scrollbar for the changelog in the window for softwareupdates.
* The menu point "Home" is deleted from the main window and all associated settings for that.

* Tab order is configured for all pages.
* Fix for the weatherforecast where some locations not could be loaded if there wasnt 48 datasheets.
* Fix for the 7 days weather forecast, where "Today" was not working.
* Fix for the error message "'xxx.x' is not a valid floating point value".
* Fix where the main window has been inaktivated after changing settings.
* Fix for the sending of feedback via the software.
* Fixes for the scenarios where the menu entry where missing some parameters on the startup of the software.
- When you delete an scenario you already created in an earlier version, you maybe will get some errors when you are deleting those scenarios later. What you can do now is to delete all scenarios and create new ones to be sure that everything is working as it should.
* Fixes for the reset of device pictures, where an resource can´t be loaded.
* Fixes for the preview image on the page for a calculated formula.
* Language fixes for the german language, where some text was translated wrong or text was missing.
* Fixes for the automatic export.
- All settings should now be loaded and show when you have to change some settings.
- All settings is now saving correctly and the export should work for all values.
- The graphic are now exporting after you edit changed settings.
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Re: Free Windows application for Tellstick NET

Postby ReneOrtmann » Thu Jan 12, 2017 7:26 pm

There is now an setup file on the server ready to be downloaded. Extract the "" and run the "HomeStick_setup.exe" and install it where ever you want. The setup will fix all administrator privileges for the destination folder. You can download it from here:
Its ok to install it even if you already using HomeStick. The setup will fix a start menu link and a desktop link if you want that.
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Re: Free Windows application for Tellstick NET

Postby ReneOrtmann » Thu Feb 09, 2017 4:21 pm

Version is now available as and setup file, BETA and RELEASE version.
Here are whats new:

* Fullscreen mode.
* You can now change the look of the panels for sensors and devices.
- Go to "File->Options->Appearance" and you will see "Panel frame for sensors and devices". When you change that, it will be updating automaticly to show you the new look.
* You can now add IP cameras.
- You see a new menu entry on the main menu "IP Camera". You will now have to add them:
- You can go directly from the menu to the setting page where you can create a new IP camera, or go to "File->Options->IP Camera".
- On the bottom of that page, click "Create a new".
- Enter a name for your camera (e.g. "Entrance").
- Select your URL to the camera. (Maybe this is difficult to figure out, but you can use the guide to this website.)
"", generate i link to your locale IP camera, include the user and password into the link.
- When everything looks good to you, press "Save" and you will see you IP camera in the menu entry for that.
- The destination for the IP camera snapshots are: You selected destination from "Export and format" settings + "\IP Camera\"+Your camera name.
- The window for the IP camera:
- You can take stapshots directly in that window and in the gallery, you will see all your snapshots for your selected IP camera.
- By right click on the image, you will mark the image, and can delete all the marked images on the current page.
** "Why should I include my IP camera?" **
- You can pare IP cameras and see a better statistic of it in the statistic page, which means that you can see a picture of the weather, at the same time you see the temperature and humidity of the sensor. (Not really necessary, but fun.)
- NOTE! Recording and watch of videostream will never be included, only snapshot, and those will be saved in your selected destination.
- Paring you IP camera and sensor:
- Open the sensor menu "Settings->IP Camera".
- Activate the check box and select your IP camera.
- Click "Save".
- You can take and see snapshots from the IP camera you pared with a sensor:
- You can go to the statistic page through the sensor menu, and select "IP camera" on the bottom of the left side menu.
- The snapshots on this page, shows the first snapped picture for the hour, and total 24 pictures can shown on this page.
- Under the picture, you see the date and time stamp, even the values for the pared sensor at the time.
- NOTE! The first snapshoot will be created after the first sensor update after paring.
* You can make the panel on the main page smaller.
* You can now handle all your events for your Tellstick NET (The events for PRO are not included).
- It mostly looks the same and works like you know it from Telldus LIVE!, instead of drawing the icons for add a trigger, condition or action, you only clicking on the icon for what you want to add. You can even edit existing triggers, conditions and actions, by clicking on the icons below the blue line for your selected event.
* The scheduler is now moved and you find that in the menu "Telldus LIVE".
- With this change, there is a big advantage, when you like to add the same shedulers for many devices at the same time by:
- To start, select "Add a schedule" and edit all your settings.
- You can switch between devices on the top of that page, without that the settings you did will be changed.
- Otherwise, it is like before but a little bit smoother than before.
* You can now see the lowest/highest measured values four your sensors. At this time, only temperature and humidity is supported.
- There indicates 5 points for sensors with temperature and humidity, and 3 points for sensors with only temperature.
- The points shows the values in order of:
- 1st: Current Values.
- 2nd: Lowest temperature with timestamp.
- 3rd: Highest temperature with timestamp.
- 4th: Lowest humidity with timestamp.
- 5th: Highest humidity with timestamp.
- These values are not linked to the statistic at all, those are work independently. You can reset these values by open the sensor menu and click "clear memory".
- How it work: At any sensor update from Telldus LIVE!, the data will be read out and compare with the values before. Its very simple to se every morning, what the lowest temperature was over night.
- At sensor update, the point will jump the the 1st, just in case so you always see the actually values.

* Changing the font size for change log on the software update page.
* The standard destination for your exported data is changed to: "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\ReOr-Software\HomeStick\".
* You can now create a new scenario directly from the menu point on the main page.
* Changes of some parameters for the software update process.
* To make the information panel smaller, you can now change that from the main menu (View->Big information panel), the settings you did will even be saved now.
* The software registration is removed.
* Changes for the software update process.
* Some visual changes on the main page. The panels are now without border and looks more clean.
* There are small changes for the positions of the weather labels on the main page.
* Now you cant´t send any feedbacks by the software anymore. The page and functions for that is deleted. Instead, go to: "Help->About HomeStick" and click on the e-mail link for "Contact" to send an e-mail to me with your ideas or something you need help with.
* Some menu entries has changed to make it more comfortable to find what you are looking for. A list for all changes below:
- "Options" are moved to "File".
- "Groups" are moved to "File" and are renamed to "Manage groups".
- "Page" is gone, "Show" is renamed to "View" and:
- "Statistics", "Weather" and "Update sensors now" is moved to "View"
- Where you found "Tools" before, there are now "Telldus LIVE", where all Telldus LIVE! settings will be found. It makes it more clearly, that the scheduler, events and add of devices is handled by Telldus itself and not the software.

* Language fixes.
* Fixes for events, where the timestamp was sending the wrong information to Telldus API.
* Fixing issues at the startup, where software update files can´t be found on the server.
* Fix for forcing of directories in all parts.
* Fix for cleaning up memory.
* Fixes for the edit of scenarios by names.
* Fixes for the shortcuts on the settings page and changed som standard shortcuts to avoid errors.
* Fix for the statistic graphic settings.
- To allow settings, you need to reload the page (close it, and open it again).
* Fix for the scheduler.
* Fix for all integrated windows. All opened windows shows now in the Windows task manager, which also make it easier to switch between the different windows through the taskbar.
* Fix for events for reading of conditions. The "scale" value for conditions will not be reading at this time.
- Now, there would not be any errors anymore by selecting of events.
* Reading of events, where the parameters "reloadValue" and "scale" for the sensor trigger was missing.
* Fix for the weather label on the main page.
* Fix for the status field on the main page, where the icon was at the position after the text field.
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Re: Free Windows application for Tellstick NET

Postby ReneOrtmann » Tue Feb 28, 2017 7:58 pm

You can now find the app in the Microsoft Store (Windows 10). Here is the direct link:
The Windows 10 App are only Release versions, and the update comes cirka once a month.
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